About Us

In Sardinia Island Tours we are certified tour guides of Sardinia and of La Maddalena National Park

What Sardinia Island Tours is all about

La Maddalena Archipelago is one of the hidden gems in Sardinia, and it’s steeped in beauty and intrigue. We’d love to show you around so your experience here is truly magical! Our Palau based company is young and fresh.

In 2015, we noticed that there was something missing here: a facility to tour this special area that was pleasant, friendly and clearly explained, not just simple transportation to the islands.

Spargi Island Sardinia Boat Tour We started Sardinia Island Tours to give you a personal experience of our Archipelago that is inviting, engaging and packed with local knowledge and charm. We delight in telling you about the history behind each spot, the culture that has shaped our world and about individual nuances that make your visit memorable.


Each of our team grew up here. During our youth we would go on family boat trips to the islands, we learned to swim in La Maddalena Archipelago and so we feel deeply about treating it with kindness. Being environmentally friendly and minimizing the impact on this fragile ecosystem is central to our service.

On our boat tours, you’ll get a warm and friendly welcome. We share helpful advice about how to interact with nature in La Madalena Archipelago National Park in a way that respects and preserves indigenous wildlife and marine life. The equilibrium of the local ecosystem allows sustenance for all.

Who I am

My name is Kevin, I was born on this incomparably beautiful island. My mother is a true Sardinian who comes from a long line of native Sardinians. My father is from the US. He was assigned to La Maddalena Navy Base during his time in the US Navy and fell so completely in love with Sardinia he ended up staying here for 40 years.

Sardinia Island Tours CEO and Founder I have always lived in Palau (the gateway to the Archipelago), apart from a short period of my life which brought my family to the US and during my university days in Perugia, Umbria, where I earned a Master’s degree in Communication Science. But Sardinia always beckoned me home and I decided to dedicate my career towards sharing the many wonders of Sardinia with others. After graduation, I returned to Sardinia knowing this was where I wanted to live for the rest of my life and turned my passion for my home into a full-time job.

I began working in tourism in 1996, eventually joining Sardinia’s local tourism board for four years before I realized my dream and opened Sardinia Island Tours. I’ve always loved living here. It’s a laid back, simple, and healthy sort of life with everything you could ever possibly need: good food, stunning landscapes, mild temperature, beautiful beaches, and the perfectly blue Mediterranean Sea. There’s so much to discover here in Sardinia. I know I will never tire snorkeling in the sea, trekking the picturesque countrysides, eating the phenomenal food, and climbing the 300.000.000-year-old granite which frames these fantastic sceneries. I invite you to join me in exploring this part of Sardinia and the rich experiences our beautiful island has to offer.

Give us a call today and join a tour. We look forward to meeting you.

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