– WHAT KIND OF EXCURSIONS DO YOU OFFER? We offer day boat tours that last from 5 to 6 hours in which we navigate along the coast of La Maddalena Archipelago and National Park to do sightseeing and island hopping. During the tour, we stop in sheltered beaches and coves to snorkel, sun bathe and swim.

– WHAT KIND OF BOAT DO YOU HAVE? It’s a 9 meter (30 foot) RIB (rigid inflatable boat) some people call it “zodiac”, with two 200hp Mercury engines. Its inflatable tubes make it the safest boat ever, this is also the reason why Special Forces, Coast Guard and Military Forces use this kind of craft.

– AT WHAT TIME IS DEPARTURE AND RETURN? We usually depart around 10 am from Palau Marina, but in the higher season we can leave earlier so that we beat the masses and enjoy the islands with fewer people. Return is after about 6 hours

– DO YOU DEPART FROM PLACES OTHER THAN PALAU? Usually not. Our main departure port is Palau. Picking up customers from Porto Cervo, Olbia, Santa Teresa, Cannigione or other places increases fuel costs and takes time away from the tour. It’s easier to drive to Palau and meet up at our central office

– DO YOU ORGANIZE TAXI TRANSFERS? Yes, we can provide this service with a few local companies that collaborate with us

– I AM PREGNANT, CAN I JOIN YOUR TOUR?Not really. You always have to be careful on the sea: even if it’s a calm day, sometimes you can encounter big waves that come from other boats, and as this can be fun for us, the impacts could also cause problems to the baby that’s being carried.

– CAN CHILDREN COME ALONG YOUR TOUR?Younger children can come along but they have to be well behaved and follow the rules, parent’s rules, and captain’s rules. Especially in a shared tour with other people, we don’t want to affect their experience.

– ARE DOGS WELCOME?As much as we love dogs, we can’t have them on board because not everyone feels comfortable around them. Some people are scared and in such a confined area it would be inevitable that everyone would come in contact with them.

– IS THERE A TOILET ON THE BOAT?No, it’s an open boat. If you have to pee, you can go in the water, it’s perfectly biocompatible. If you have to do something else, you better do it before departure 🙂

– IS THERE ANY SHADE ON BOARD?Yes, we provide shade with a retractable awning.

– IS LUNCH INCLUDED?We call it “light picnic”. It’s a mix of finger food based on Sardinian typical products such as sausage, cheese, flatbread, vegetables, and vermentino wine. All in separate containers. It’s not a full meal because we are not a floating restaurant, but it’s a nice way in which everyone gets to know each other, make new friends and chat while tasting delicious local food! Also, being a snorkeling & sightseeing tour, where there’s quite a bit of swimming and being in the water, it’s always good to keep lunch light.

– IS THERE ANYTHING I NEED TO BRING ALONG ON THE BOAT TOUR?You will need water, a hat, a light jacket (for lower seasons) and a towel. That’s pretty much it!

– DO YOU OFFER LAND TOURS?We do, although if it’s a nice day we prefer to be on the water.

– IS SNORKELING GEAR PROVIDED?Yes, we provide snorkeling gear for everyone.

– DO YOU PROVIDE VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE AND LACTOSE-FREE PRODUCTS ON BOARD?Since our food is in separate containers, yes. Whoever is vegetarian can discard meat and go for the other stuff. Gluten-free or lactose-free can avoid cheeses or flatbread.

– DO YOU PROVIDE HALF DAY TOURS?Yes, but privately for smaller groups (max 6), on a different RIB.

– DO I NEED TO BOOK IN ADVANCE?If you want to secure your booking, that would be best. We ask for a 20% to 30% deposit.

– ARE CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED?You can pay via PayPal or Bank Transfer for the deposit but the balance has to be paid cash on tour-day. We are located 20 meters from the nearest ATM.

– CAN I BRING MY OWN FOOD ON BOARD?While it’s always a good idea to bring extra water, you can bring extra snacks if you are one of those who are always hungry.

– DO YOU PROVIDE LIFE JACKETS?It’s mandatory by law, so we have lifejackets for everyone onboard.

– WE ARE IN OUR SEVENTIES, CAN WE JOIN THE TOUR?Yes, but keep in mind you have to be flexible enough to move around the boat, climb in and out and use the stepladder to get on the boat from swimming.

– IN WHAT LANGUAGE IS THE TOUR DONE?Because our tours are multicultural, we tend to always speak english so that everyone can understand.

– DO YOU REACH BEACHES WITH THE BOAT?All beaches with swimming areas are protected by buoys so once we approach with the boat we have to anchor ouside that area.