We are certified tour guides from the Sardinia Region and the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park

What do we do:

The archipelago of La Maddalena is one of the major attractions of Sardinia and probably of the entire Mediterranean. We will host you among the exclusive beauties of the National Park to make you enjoy an unforgettable

Our agency is located in the historic center of Palau, a few steps away from the pier where our boat is moored

In 2015 we realized that something was missing in this type of service and that the other companies only provided transport to the beaches, without a real tour guide on board who could offer precise, detailed and authentic information.
This is how our vocation begins, that of enabling the customer to be able to enjoy a complete experience, both from a visual and an informative point of view. All this framed by historical facts studied and told by a passionate guide who was born and raised in these places, where in the same waters he learned to swim, climb rocks and dive. From an early age it was customary to go out on a boat with the family to spend the summer almost daily among the magnificent islands. We feel very attached to this fragile territory that we want to preserve with the utmost care, respecting it from an environmental point of view and above all limiting the anthropic impact as much as possible.

Who I am

My name is Kevin, I was born on this beautiful island. My mother is Sardinian while my father, an American, found himself in La Maddalena during his military service with the US Navy (since 1973 till 2008 the island of San Stefano housed a US Navy base).

Sardinia Island Tours CEO and Founder. I have always lived in Palau, the gateway to the archipelago of La Maddalena, except for a short period of about two years when I lived in the United States and during the university years that brought me to live in Perugia, in Umbria, where I graduated in Communication Sciences. I always missed Sardinia, during the years I lived off the island, so I decided to return after my studies and live here permanently. I therefore transformed my passion for the sea, the taste for exploration into a profession, while at the same time dedicating study and research to the history of military fortifications on the mainland and on the islands.

I started working in the tourism sector during school holidays, back in 1996.
First in campsites, then in hotels.
In 2010 I was hired at the Palau Tourist Office and there I continued the service for 4 years. I then decided to turn my dream into reality and open the Sardinia Island Tours excursion agency that I currently own.
I have always loved the kind of life that is led in Sardinia: simple, healthy, in the open air. Winters are mild and nature presents itself in all its incomparable beauty. The food is authentic, the air is clean. There is so much to discover and explore…
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