If you are looking to trek to a remote location, passing through a multitude of scenarios and landscapes, then take a look at Monte Corrasi peak (1463 meters). It’s one of the highest in Sardinia, and to get there we strongly recommend a local guide who knows the place like his back yard and is also not only technically prepared to assist you on the trek but can give you all the geographical and historical information of the area, and trust me, there is a lot to learn.

The climb starts fairly easy passing through a forest of new and very old holm trees, pines, and junipers. Walking along the tracks left by the Coalmen that centuries before used to carry chopped trees all the way down to make coal, you immediately imagine how hard life must have been for these fellows. When the hill gets steeper and you get to higher altitudes the landscape changes continuously, as you start to feel the uphill trek, you need more air intake, and there is plenty up there mixed with aromas of many Mediterranean herbs.

Once you climb, the vegetation changes, the scenery looks moonlike rocky, filled with flowers including wild saffrons, then patches of thick green and again rocks from which in the cracks there are solid foundations to rare types of trilobed maple trees and yew trees.

On the top, the view it’s simply breathtaking, on a clear day the visibility can stretch out to 100 km and more, and it feels like flying. Suddenly you think you are on the moon, jumping around with astronaut’s suits and taking samples of lunar rocks.

You walk along with the dorsal of the mount and the only noise you hear is the wind bashing the side of the peak and the call of eagles hunting for food.

It’s about a 6-hour trek if you want to take it easy and stop several times to enjoy the view, take pics and drink some water. It’s not very difficult but you have to be fit and used to walking long distances. Bring comfortable trekking shoes and dress up in layers (in mid-seasons) because you are going to be hot, then cold, then hot and it starts all over again. Don’t forget at least 2 liters of water and some food.

Our highly recommended multilingual certified guide was Sergio from Jebel Sardinia. Get in contact with him because he has several types of tours and also provides private “tailor-made” tours for all types of requests.

Monte Corrasi

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