10) Visit the capital: Cagliari


Cagliari is the largest city on the island, it has a very interesting historical center, in one day you have enough time to see the historical buildings, churches, narrow alleys, the port, and the shopping areas. Don’t miss the Castle: splendid view of the city, ancient towers to visit and small restaurants where to taste the delicious local food.

9) Check out the Nuragic Civilization

Driving North from Cagliari, after about an hour you can reach the n°1 most important Nuragic archaeological site of Sardinia: “Su Nuraxi” in Barumini. The Nuragic Civilization can only be found in Sardinia. It dates from the Bronze Age 1800 B.C to the Roman colonization of 200 B.C, it is characterized by the presence of the Nuraghe, a cone-shaped construction made of large local stones, the island’s most characteristic monument. There are at least 7000 sites to visit throughout the island. Su Nuraxi is the biggest and most well preserved. However, if you find yourself up North, there is the second most important Nuragic site named “Santu Antine” in Torralba.

8) Book a dinner at an Agriturismo

Many people ask me what is the typical Sardinian dish that they can order, my answer, if you really want to try the variety of local food, is to book a dinner in an Agriturismo. This is a form of “eat and sleep” but most people just book a dinner without spending the night, although sometimes you might need it! In an Agriturismo there is no menu, once seated you are bombarded with food & wine, and the basic rule is that they have to serve only homemade products of the area. So since the culinary traditions vary from North to South, East, and West, depending on where you are in Sardinia, you will taste different dishes. Choose wisely, not all Agriturismos are authentic.

7) Take a mini cruise in the Gulf of Orosei

Once you are in the central area, you should drive to Cala Gonone and book a small cruise in the Gulf of Orosei, this is truly one of the hidden gems of the island: crystal clear water, beautiful beaches, and stunning rock formations. You can join a hop-on hop-off tour directly on the harbor of Cala Gonone, or you can book a private/shared guided tour in a rib boat. The most iconic beaches are Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritze, and Cala Sisine.

6) Go Trekking in Supramonte and have a meal at the shepherd’s hut

If the weather is not too hot, you can book a trekking tour in the mountainous area of the Supramonte: 35 thousand hectares of canyons, peaks, plateaus, caves, and sinkholes. this is another gem in the Sardina arsenal, this national park is where the shepherds used to take the cattle for transhumance between summer and winter pastures. With the tour, you have the option of booking a lunch in a real shepherd’s hut. A true Sardina experience. Here are a few reliable companies: Jebel Sardinia; Sardegna Nascosta. They have different types of tours from easy to hard.

5) Drive in one of the most panoramic roads in the world: from Bosa to Alghero

On the West coast of Sardinia, there is a beautiful small city that lays on the mouth of the only navigable river of the island: Bosa. An amazing colorful town with a castle on the hill. This place is connected to Alghero by a coastline road considered one of the most scenic in the world! Take your time because you will make many stops to take pictures. Of course, in the end, you will have to visit the city of Alghero: the Catalan city of Sardinia.

4) Visit the Neptune’s Grotto in Capo Caccia (600 steps)

About 40 minutes away from Alghero, you will be in Capo Caccia, a high promontory overlooking the sea. Just underneath this, there is the famous Neptune’s Grotto: one of the largest marine caves in Italy. Formed about 2 million years ago, 4 kilometers deep. Inside there is a beach, a large lake, and several rooms to explore. You can reach it by boat from Alghero or you can take the 654 steps from Capo Caccia.

3) Visit Asinara Island (the Sardinian Alcatraz)

Everyone knows Alcatraz, the famous maximum-security prison island just outside of San Francisco bay. Not many know about the high-security prison of island Asinara. If you were a mafia member or a terrorist, that was your destination.
The first to inhabit the island was a community of shepherds and fishermen in the 1600s. Then a summer residence of the royals Savoia (when Italy was a Kingdom), then a quarantine station for maritime travelers. During World War II, the island became a prison camp for Austro-Hungarian soldiers, and then it turned into a high-security prison.
Today it is a National Park, the area is protected and you can book guided tours through all its phases in history, visit the cells, the lighthouse, beaches, and memorials.

2) Go snorkeling in La Maddalena Archipelago National Park

This is one of the most fun things to do in Sardinia. The Archipelago of La Maddalena is a National Park with a cluster of minor uninhabited islands, not far from each other. The color of the water is breathtaking and the shapes of the rock formations are incredible. I love to see the expression on people’s faces when we reach the first beaches. It’s priceless. 
Not only these are naturally beautiful places but there’s also a lot of interesting history that took place among these islands: from Napoleone to Lord Nelson, Garibaldi to Mussolini, and much more. You can visit these places by booking a private or shared guided tour.

1) View the sunset from Capo Testa

Capo Testa is the northernmost tip of Sardinia, it faces the strait of Bonifacio and there is an old lighthouse on the top of the Cape. The area is covered with granite boulders of all shapes and forms. Since it is also oriented towards the West, with a clear horizon, people tend to go watch the sunset. I assure you that if it’s not a windy day and the sky is clear, this is truly a romantic experience. Bring some wine or a beer and share this experience with your significant other, your best friend, or your family, and you will never forget it.


If you fly into Cagliari: Day 1 visit Cagliari; day 2 Nuraghe of Su Nuraxi in Barumini + dinner at Agriturismo; day 3 Take the mini cruise in The Gulf of Orosei; Day 4 Trek to the Supramonte and eat at the Shepherd’s; day 5 drive from Bosa To Alghero and visit Neptune’s Grotto; day 6 visit Asinara Island; day 7 Go snorkeling in the Archipelago of La Maddalena + Sunset in Capo Caccia.

If you Fly into Olbia: Day 1 Go snorkeling in the Archipelago of La Maddalena + Sunset in Capo Caccia; day 2 book dinner at Agriturismo; day 3 take the Minicruise in the Gulf of Orosei; day 4 trek to the Supramonte and eat at the Shepherd’s; day 5 Drive from Bosa To Alghero and visit Neptune’s Grotto; Day 6 visit Asinara Island; Day 7 visit Su Nuraxi in Barumini + visit Cagliari.

If you fly into Alghero: Day 1 visit Alghero + Neptune’s Grotto and drive to Bosa at sunset; day 2 Visit Asinara Island + dinner at Agriturismo; day 3 go snorkeling in La Maddalena Archipelago + Sunset in Capo Testa ; day 4 take the mini cruise in the Gulf of Orosei; day 5 go trekking in Supramonte + meal with the shepherd; day 6 visit Su Nuraxi in Barumini; day 7 visit Cagliari.

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